Variazioni su M.

Variazioni su M. is produced thanks to the support of Lucia Award 2021.  Leo Ferlan was born in 1928 in Idra, a town formerly in the province of Gorizia, now in Slovenia. A botanist, he was sent to Algeria in 1952 for a geo-cartographic campaign after working in Montpellier for three years. Suddenly, a friend […]

Cantilenano le onde

Cantilenano le onde is produced with the support of Lucia Award 2021. Cantilenano le onde is a radio work that has grown out of some conversations between Houda Latrech and Alice Pontiggia, which took place on the shores of some of the seas, rivers, lakes and streams that are part of their stories and have […]

Les villages des fous

Actors: Ferre Vuye, Kato De Vylder, Bram VerrecasExpert: Prof. dr. Jan TytgatMusic by: Elias BonneuxScript, sound editing and mixing: Pauline AugustynExcerpts from: Une histoire particulieÌre, un reìcit documentaire from France Culture and Madelein Memories from Arte Radio.Advice: Lieve De Maeyer and Dieter Van Dam Le village des fous is a fictionalized documentary about a village […]

Shadow Work

Shadow Work was made as a mode of healing and transformation. It is about the importance of darkness and an invitation to observe what grows in shadows. This piece was first made as a submission to the KCRW Radio Race 2019, and then published on Short Cuts from Falling Tree Productions.  Special thanks to Margo Mejia, […]

It’s Alright

Phoebe McIndoe has always been interested in exploring stories around family and adoption. As she recalls: “My little brother is adopted and our relationship, over the years, has been quite complex, challenging and sometimes rewarding”. In It’s Alright Phoebe McIndoe examines their relationship by focusing on a single day and a single event: “We were […]

Gilles, ma soeur et moi

Mathilde lives in Quimper with her son Léon and her partner Corentin. She works in a restaurant, and between shifts she likes to enjoy life, like everyone else. But Mathilde is not really like everyone else. She has vocal and motor tics. These are caused by Gilles, Gilles de la Tourette. Camille Descroix, her younger […]

Malafemmina | Ep. 3 Fobie

Malafemmina is the story of a life-changing encounter between a French director and a trans artist, an unlikely friendship born and nurtured in the lively nights of East Rome. Chloé Barreau tells the story of Lilith Primavera, a contemporary diva who has crossed genders to find her own identity. She is a legendary creature and […]

Finn and the Bell

Finn and the Bell is the story of a small community struggling to respond to the 2020 suicide of Finn Rooney, a 17-year-old boy who had become an inspiring and unifying figure to many people in his hometown of Hardwick, Vermont. It is not a story about suicide. It’s a story about a boy who […]

Diario di una fenice irrequieta

This work was made possible thanks to the Lucia Prize, a collaboration between Radio Papesse, Lucia Festival and the Fondazione Archivio Diaristico Nazionale di Pieve Santo Stefano. Diario di una fenice irrequieta[Diary of a restless phoenix] is an audio appendix to the diary Inchiostro, storia di un’adolescente oltre l’anoressia that Caterina Minni wrote when she […]

A walk through my cũcũ’s farm

Being able to visit her Cũcũ – grandmother in Kikuyu – in her home in Githũnguri, Kenya, for Christmas, felt especially meaningful last 2020, given the pandemic’s toll on the world, and its spotlight on the vulnerability of our grandparents. Together with her family, Nyokabi Kariũki walked around the farm — just as they always […]