YASS! Masterclass – Kristina Loring | How do you make audio palpable?

Kristina Loring shows how narrative audio can be more than just telling a story. She explains how to create an emotional atmosphere so that the listener is more aware of their place: in a body, an environment, and in society. She explores how to use our bodies to create sound work and how to create sound work that resounds in the body.

YASS! Masterclass: Helen Zaltzman – Boring Interesting

Boring Interesting is the opening masterclass of the II season of YASS! You are so sound. It was recorded last November 10th, 2022. [Due to tech issues, we couldn’t record the first few minutes of our warm-up chit chat… sorry about that!] Not all audio stories are personal; not all are emotional. The Allusionist is […]

YASS! Masterclass: Mitra Kaboli – Behind the scenes of Welcome to Provincetown

Behind the scenes of Welcome to Provincetown is YASS! 2022 second online masterclass. It was recorded on November 17th 2022. In this generous behind-the-scenes review of Welcome to Provincetown, Mitra Kaboli talked about the challenges and choices that have accompanied her over a year of work. She also shared about the tremendous editing work and […]

YASS! Masterclass: Felix Blume – Listening to the other(s)

Listening to the others is YASS! 2022 third online masterclass.It was recorded last December 1st, 2022. More than sound, listening is the central point of Felix Blume’s work: listening as a way to relate to others, to meet and learn from the other(s). Revisiting previous projects, such as his audio piece  Los gritos de México […]

YASS! Masterclass: Sara de Monchy – How to make exciting youth audio

How to make exciting youth audio is YASS! 2022 4° masterclass.It was recorded in Florence, on December 9th, on the occasion of the Listening Kids seminar. Sara de Monchy is a theater and podcast director. She graduated from the Royal Theatre Academy in Maastricht, and has several successful theater productions to her credit. Her love for fantasy, audio and theater comes […]

The forest does not need us

Forests are the easiest, cheapest and most efficient way to sequester carbon and thus combat global warming. However, time is running out, and forests grow exasperatingly slowly. How do we relate to a solution that most of us who hear this in 2021 can be part of, but will not see the result? Perhaps we […]

De plantage van onze voorouders

In the 8-part podcast The Plantation Of Our Ancestors, Maartje Duin delves into traces of slavery in her family tree. She discovers that an ancestor of hers used to own part of the sugar plantation Tout Lui Faut in Suriname, then a colony of the Netherlands. Soon she meets Peggy Bouva, one of the descendants […]