YASS! Masterclass – Astrid Hald, Lucif Dalin, Rikke Houd | Nothing about us without us

Together with Astrid Hald and Lucif Dalin, Rikke Houd shares some insights into the production of Alt det som ingen ser, a monthly podcast – promoted by Dansk Blindesamfund – that investigates, debates and documents with curiosity the lives of visually impaired people. Nothing about us without us is a masterclass about including the target audience in the process of communicating to and about people with disabilities. How to ensure an including, safe and creative space for the entire team, with and without disabilities?

Lucif Dalin is newly visual impaired, disability activist and MA in anthropology.
Astrid Hald is an independent audio producer and documentarian, MA in Radio. 
Rikke Houd is an internationally award-winning audio documentary maker, podcast editor-in-chief at The Danish Association of the Blind.