1. Radio Papesse (RP) launches the Premio LUCIA for audio productions in Italian, as stated in the announcement.
  2. Premio LUCIA is:
    1. a production agreement for the completion of an unpublished work [PROGETTI]. 
    2. a reproduction fee for existing works [OPERE AUDIO]
  3. All projects sent, which include a CV, a signed copy of these terms and conditions, the receipt of the € 10 registration fee and the applicant’s portfolio, by and no later than 11pm (CET) on 29 February 2024, are eligible for the award.
  4. The jury’s judgment is final. 
  5. Works that have already been produced or published are eligible for the Award category Published Works.
  6. Applicants guarantee the originality of their proposal and release RP and A.D.N. from any liability in case of copyright plagiarism.
  7. In the event that the stories are to be based on the works of third parties, participants release RP from all possible disputes with the authors.
  8. The copyright on the projects submitted to the LUCIA Award remains entirely with the applicants; RP may not develop them independently.
  9. The reading, the selection of the projects and the relationship with the applicants will take place in full respect of their privacy. 
  10. By signing the acknowledgement and acceptance of these terms and conditions, participants give their consent to the processing of their data for all that concerns the regular management of the Award.
  11. The contract to be signed between RP and the winners of the LUCIA Award acknowledges a fee of € 2.000,00, which will be paid in two installments: the first within two weeks after the announcement, the second upon delivery of the work.
  12. The payment will be taxed according to the tax regime of the winners.