YASS! Masterclass: Nanna Hauge Kristensen – Loss, Rain and Listening as an act of intimacy

Loss, Rain and Listening as an act of intimacy is YASS! 2022 last masterclass.
It was recorded in Florence, on December 10th, on the occasion of Lucia Festival.

Due to tech issues, the audio is sometimes slightly echoing.
We apologize for that and if you prefer listening to the original and pristine versions of the audio pieces Nanna talked about, here are the links:

A channel of music – Short Cuts
Summer Rain – Radio Atlas

“The person being interviewed must feel and comprehend that I have what it takes to receive his or her story. If he or she starts to tell me a story from their innermost depths, it means something. I must have the courage to go with them, listen and ask further questions. ” Bengt Bok – Encounter with the other

A central aspect of audio making is listening. For Nanna Hauge Kristensen, listening entails a bodily attentiveness – an attunement to the Other, it creates a space where openness and exchanges can unfold. Her audio pieces often revolve around loss and beginnings, and her work moves across anthropology, documentarism and art. In her sonic explorations of lifeworlds and atmospheres, she seeks to cultivate a deep ethnographic listening: “What attracts me – Nanna says – both as an audio maker and a listener, are the intimate, sensory, and open-ended representations of the complex world that we share.”

For this masterclass, she let us into her practice, sharing examples of her work, and offering some reflections on listening as a creative method.

Nanna Hauge Kristensen is an audio producer and anthropologist based in Copenhagen. Her work has won several international awards, including the Third Coast International Audio Award for Best Foreign Documentary.