YASS! Masterclass – Kristina Loring | How do you make audio palpable?

Sound has the ability to change our mood, awaken our senses and conjure past memory and future fantasy.  In this masterclass, Kristina Loring shows how narrative audio can be more than just telling a story. She explains how to create an emotional atmosphere so that the listener is more aware of their place: in a body, an environment, and in society. She explores how to use our bodies to create sound work and how to create sound work that resounds in the body.

Kristina Loring is a story editor, creative director, and audio producer— who works across genre and form to create media experiences that you can feel in your body. Most recently, she was the Head of Audio at Dipsea, a feminist audio fiction app designed to turn you on. Before that, she created the interactive cooking show Cooking By Ear that invited listeners into the homes of celebrity guests to chat in the interstices of making a recipe. Her most recent sound installation Message in a Bottle (2021) was selected as part of the Sound Scene Festival in partnership with the Smithsonian Hirshhorn Museum in Washington D.C. It invited listeners to connect with strangers via the discovery of a glass bottle containing a secret hotline that offered premonitory advice.