LUCIA festival celebrates the art of telling stories in sound.

LUCIA is sounds, words, collective stories, intimate tales, radio and podcasts, reality and fiction; it is both contemporary and historical productions, tradition and experimentation. It is a celebration of the art of storytelling without images.

And if this hectic 2020 does not allow us to get together… LUCIA goes back to the radio!
ON AIR and ONLINE, 12-13 DECEMBER 2020.

Just tune in to!

LUCIA goes on air with two days of live talks, guided listening sessions, sound narrations, podcasts and exclusive glimpses into the backstage of exceptional audio productions from all over the world.

The 2020 edition opens with a certainty: we all need other stories, different narrations, to know and make new worlds.
The world is not for the beholding – as Jacques Attali wrote in 1977 – it is for hearing. It is not legible, but audible.
In a year full of turmoil, of natural, social and emotional imbalances, in a time when we have clung to our voices so as not to lose the outside world and its connections, it seemed necessary to reiterate the importance of listening as a space for relationships and the construction of meaning.

That is why this year’s programme brings together stories that transcend narrative formats, transcend geographical boundaries – but also those between human and non-human, animated and inanimate – and defeat private and collective silences. Susan Stamberg thaught us that a microphone is a magic wand, a magic wand against silence, let’s break our silence!

That’s why LUCIA has selected a series of audio productions – radio and podcast – that expand our listening frontiers and take us to the US-Mexico border, to Kobane, Rwanda in the 1990s, to an occupied hotel in Rome, to the Amazons, to Chernobyl, to Calais, but also among the shadows of family stories and personal cases.

LUCIA 2020 presents works that invite us to go beyond the pure anthropocentric understanding of the world, a selection fo sounds that, through listening, help us recognize a vitality and an agency in those other non-humans that Timothy Morton calls strange-strangers, in objects, in landscapes…even in bots!

Lucia Festival is curated by Radio Papesse and co-produced by Manifattura Tabacchi – NAM Not a Museum, thanks to the support of Fondazione CR Firenze, Comune di Firenze, Regione Toscana Toscanaincontemporanea 2020, European Cultural Foundation. In collaboration with: Fondazione Archivio Diaristico Nazionale, ÉSAD Grenoble • Valence, Villa Romana e Radio Techete’. Partners: RaiPlay 3, SDIAF Sistema Documentario Integrato dell’Area Fiorentina, MLOL, Falling Tree Productions,, Canificio &. Mono, FUL.


12 dicembre 2020

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13 dicembre 2020

Nothing to show for the selected date

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