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How to make exciting youth audio

Sara de Monchy is a theater and podcast director. She graduated from the Royal Theatre Academy in Maastricht, and has several successful theater productions to her credit. Her love for fantasy, audio and theater comes together in her well acclaimed podcast Sara’s Mysteries, in which she solves mysteries with kids: who is the owner of that creepy little shed, where is my dog who suddenly disappeared, and what is hidden in the basement of my school? The podcast was nominated for different prizes and is a binge worthy ritual for many Dutch families!

In this interactive workshop, with the help of raw material, failed and successful scenes, Sara retraces the steps she took as she created Sara’s Mysteries. We will discover the importance of excitement for youth, how to get into the head of elusive 11-year-olds and how to make them talk freely about their biggest questions. We will discover where you really can’t get away with making audio for children, and why ‘the car’ is a returning location in Sara’s Mysteries.

After this workshop, you will have a fresh ground for creating your own podcast for children!

All the LUCIA festival events are free entry.

Masks are strongly recommended.
The festival venue is accessible to people with reduced mobility and wheelchair users.