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The sleep cave

We recommend bringing a pillow or something soft to rest your head on. 

What if we were to start the morning without waking up at all, prolonging sleep time into a dreamlike collective sound journey?

Maria Pecchioli and Daniele Giannetti transform the transition between wakefulness and sleep into a perpetual dream journey, of deep-water immersions, karst caves traversed by flashes of light, dark cavities inhabited by strange creatures, gills, sonar, goggle eyes and starfish.

Proceeding towards the abysses, we will ascend the slope of sleep with them, and the deeper we dive, the more our unconscious will be shattered into a mobile, expanding universe, dispersed like quantum dust. Together we will ride these waters on the back of the whale which, like Schr√∂dinger’s cat, is both virtually real and unreal. Everything will depend on our curiosity in diving.

Special thanks to Aldo Lanzini for the masks Maria Pecchioli and Daniele Giannetti will wear for The sleep cave.

Maria Pecchioli is an artist based in Florence, IT. Her artistic research is focussing on the body as a tool for investigating political and ethical contexts activating social and aesthetic practices. Recent projects are related to queer culture, gender issues. She adopts different aesthetic languages to compose a body of work based on engagement, self care, and community building. She intends this process as an intimate and public form of resilience.

She is the co-founder of Radical Intention (2009), a research-driven group expanding the horizon of possibilities for collective experience and actions focussing on the affinity between the socio-political and artistic practice. She is a co-founder of Fosca art collective (2006) and since 2010 she manages Corniolo Art Platform, an interdisciplinary residency aimed at practicing conviviality as an art form in Mugello, IT.

Daniele Giannetti is a multidisciplinary artist based in Florence. His work stems from a personal research – combining a traditionally scientific approach and ancient indigenous knowledge – into sound and vibration. His work ranges between sculpture, performance, installation and painting.

All the LUCIA festival events are free entry.

Masks are strongly recommended.
The festival venue is accessible to people with reduced mobility and wheelchair users.