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venerdì 10 dicembre 2021

Sparizioni: Fly me to the moon

Muta Imago. Sparizioni sulla luna. Immagine di copertina

Sparizioni is a radio project that Muta Imago developed in 2020 during the first months of lockdown.

Seven episodes, seven stages of a journey that investigates the concepts of disappearance, ego withdrawal and evasion. Each episode takes the form of a letter sent from a remote place, where Riccardo Fazi and Claudia Sorace have decided to disappear.

Exclusively for LUCIA Festival Muta Imago will present for the first time live, one of the episodes of the programme, the sixth, dedicated to the Moon: the only natural satellite of our planet.

A live road-podcast through the lunar craters, oscillating between nostalgia for the future, lack of sense and the desire to return home.

All the LUCIA festival events are free entry.

Masks are strongly recommended.
The festival venue is accessible to people with reduced mobility and wheelchair users.