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SANTINI. A hand when you need it

We have never liked speed dates much, elevator pitches make us anxious, the industry in Lucia comes to listen and often stays incognito. But this year we have an event dedicated only to podcasting professionals because independent producers often has to face difficult and lonely choices.

Thus SANTINI: if you don’t know how to turn a story around, if you have troubles outlining a new series, if you have a topic but few clear ideas, if you have everything but lack the cash, SANTINI is an opportunity to talk to and with a pantheon of colleagues who have probably crossed the same swamps. Working with the support of a community is better. So bring your problem, share it, let’s work it through together.

Afterwards, we will continue talking over lunch with Lucia.

To sign up, FILL THE FORM tell us in person as soon as you arrive at the Lucia Festival.

If any question, write to – SUBJECT: SANTINI.

All the LUCIA festival events are free entry.

Masks are strongly recommended.
The festival venue is accessible to people with reduced mobility and wheelchair users.