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It’s Alright

Phoebe McIndoe has always been interested in exploring stories around family and adoption. As she recalls: “My little brother is adopted and our relationship, over the years, has been quite complex, challenging and sometimes rewarding”. In It’s Alright Phoebe McIndoe examines their relationship by focusing on a single day and a single event: “We were staying in France on a family holiday and my brother had gone into one of his wild moods. It ended badly and he was arrested. What I remember most was how calm he was… it was just like, he’d been waiting for it and almost expecting this moment his whole life. 

More than anything I want to reach into the story and say to that little boy who was waiting for that moment, “I believe in you – I’m so sorry I didn’t always – I love you”. I think again and again I will return to this feeling in my personal work, and I hope you can hear in It’s Alright that story of loss and confusion and fear, but of love too.”

It’s Alright was first published in 2020 on

Phoebe McIndoe works as an audio producer, script-writer, researcher and podcast developer. She produces creative, cutting-edge documentaries, news for broadcast and radio shows. Previously Phoebe worked as a relationships and sex educator and still today she has a special interest in making work that deals with themes of gender, sexuality, equality.

Phoebe likes to create work which both interrogates and celebrates the chaotic world we live in; work which creates opportunities for real listening, learning, empathy. Together with Redzi Bernard she is the co-creator of the podcast series Telling Stories, a school for sharing ideas and inspiration around good storytelling.

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