Finn and the Bell

LISTENING Finn and the Bell is the story of a small community struggling to respond to the 2020 suicide of Finn Rooney, a 17-year-old boy who had become an inspiring and unifying figure to many people in his hometown of Hardwick, Vermont. It is not a story about suicide. It’s a story about a boy […]

De Buffalo Bitches, 20 Jaar Later | Episode 3

LISTENING Italian premiere in the presence of the author. De Buffalo Bitches has awarded the PRIX EUROPA Best European Radio Fiction Series of the Year 2022. In the early 2000s, a very young radio student discovered the Buffalo Bitches, the female hooligan club of KAA Gent. Eva Moeraert made a moving mockumentary about Kimberley and […]

Gilles, ma soeur et moi

LISTENING Mathilde lives in Quimper with her son Léon and her partner Corentin. She works in a restaurant, and between shifts she likes to enjoy life, like everyone else. But Mathilde is not really like everyone else. She has vocal and motor tics. These are caused by Gilles, Gilles de la Tourette. Camille Descroix, her […]

Cantilenano le onde

LIVE Premiere in the presence of the author and Houda Latrec. Cantilenano le onde is produced with the support of Lucia Award 2021. Cantilenano le onde is a radio work that has grown out of some conversations between Houda Latrech and Alice Pontiggia, which took place on the shores of some of the seas, rivers, […]

SANTINI. A hand when you need it

GATHERINGS We have never liked speed dates much, elevator pitches make us anxious, the industry in Lucia comes to listen and often stays incognito. But this year we have an event dedicated only to podcasting professionals because independent producers often has to face difficult and lonely choices. Thus SANTINI: if you don’t know how to […]

Sleep Talks

LISTENING Italian premiere in the presence of the author. Sleep Talks is a story about dreams and love and ethics. When Talia’s boyfriend Eddie gets drunk, he sleep talks. For years, Talia records him and prods him and asks him questions, trying desperately to climb into his mind and explore. But it’s not that easy. […]

The sleep cave

LIVE We recommend bringing a pillow or something soft to rest your head on.  What if we were to start the morning without waking up at all, prolonging sleep time into a dreamlike collective sound journey? Maria Pecchioli and Daniele Giannetti transform the transition between wakefulness and sleep into a perpetual dream journey, of deep-water […]

Naar buiten

LISTENING Sound design: Wederik De BackerEditor: Jair SteinPodcast: DOCSBroadcasting company: NTR / NPO Radio 1 Naar buiten paints the portrait of 78-year-old Erik. This piece contemplates the past fifty years of his life, which he has spent in silence, married to a woman who refuses even to acknowledge his existence. As a former Jehovah’s Witness, […]

Focus Giorgio Bandini

TALK + LISTENING Giorgio Bandini was a radio, TV and theatre author and director. One of the great masters of the experimental season of Italian radio between the 1960s and 1970s, Bandini innovated and renewed traditional radio genres. For example, he was responsible for the birth of docu-fiction, the radio documentary that meets the audio […]

Le village des fous

LISTENING Italian premiere in the presence of the author. Actors: Ferre Vuye, Kato De Vylder, Bram VerrecasExpert: Prof. dr. Jan TytgatMusic by: Elias BonneuxScript, sound editing and mixing: Pauline AugustynExcerpts from: Une histoire particulieÌre, un reìcit documentaire from France Culture and Madelein Memories from Arte Radio.Advice: Lieve De Maeyer and Dieter Van Dam Le village […]