LUCIA is an international festival dedicated to the listening of radio works and podcasts.
It is a celebration of the art of storytelling without images.
This festival presents audio narratives from all over the world, and does so thanks to the curated production of subtitled videos – in Italian and English – to facilitate linguistic accessibility. In addition to listening sessions, LUCIA is also a calendar of live performances, sensory warm-ups, meetings with authors and audio makers.

Now in its fourth edition and scheduled from December 9 th-11 th 2022, LUCIA Festival is hosted by CANGO Cantieri Culturali Goldonetta, as part of the winter programme of La Democrazia del corpo. This edition is dedicated to the boundaries of the body, the explosion of its imposed and perceived limits, the energies that run through it, its multiple and changing identities, the porosity between individuals and groups, the choreography of collective rituals and mass hysterias.

LUCIA 2022 features works by: Talia Augustidis, Pauline Augustyn, Chloe Barreau e Lilith Primavera, Giorgio Bandini, Sara de Monchy, Camille Descroix, Erica Heilman, Nanna Hauge Kristensen, Le Collectf Wow!, Lieselot Mariën, Eva Moeraert, Martina Melilli & Botafuego, Ariel Mejia, Phoebe McIndoe, Mauro Pescio and Alice Pontiggia.

Lucia Festival is curated by Radio Papesse and is possible thanks to the support of Fondazione CR Firenze, Comune di Firenze, Regione Toscana Toscanaincontemporanea 2022, Città Metropolitana di Firenze, Kingdom of the Netherland, General Representative of Flanders in Italy, Unicoop Firenze. In collaboration with: Fondazione Archivio Diaristico Nazionale and Cango Centro nazionale di produzione Virgilio Sieni. Partner: RaiPlay Sound, Oorzaken Festival, FORLILPSI • UNIFI, SDIAF Sistema Documentario Integrato dell’Area Fiorentina, MLOL, Todo Modo. Media partner: Orecchiabile, Altrevelocità.


December 9th, 2022

How to make exciting youth audio

Shadow Work

It’s Alright

Gilles, ma soeur et moi

Malafemmina | Ep. 3 Fobie

December 10th, 2022

Le village des fous

Finn and the Bell

Loss, Rain and Listening as an act of intimacy

Focus Giorgio Bandini
presents Il Guerriero di Provincia

Naar buiten

De Buffalo Bitches, 20 Jaar Later | Episode 3

Io ero il Milanese

December 11th, 2022

The sleep cave
Gong bath by Maria Pecchioli

Sleep Talks

Cantilenano le onde

Variazioni su M.

Where is LUCIA

Cango Cantieri Goldonetta
Via Santa Maria 25, 50125 , Firenze

Who is LUCIA

LUCIA is a project by Radio Papesse
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Ilaria Gadenz e Carola Haupt

Festival Coordinator:
Giulia Lombardo

Martina Aiazzi Mancini, Alessandro Bartoletti, Roberto Colella, Bonnie Eldred, Gaia Ferrari, Alisa Martynova, Irene Aurora Paci, Teresa Rocco

Press Office and Social Media:
Lorenzo Migno
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