Tania Ferrucci

Nei miei okki.

“A loud, stubborn, frank voice demanding to be heard.”

A child born in 1960 in the slums of Naples daydreams of freedom, of running away from the misery in which she lives. Her body is that of a boy, although from an early age she feels like a “little girl inside.” At 13, she begins prostituting herself and will continue to do so to pay for her vaginoplasty operation (at age 26), all the surgeries and legal fees to be finally recognized as Tania Ferrucci.

She is beautiful and she makes a living as a model, she is desired and earns a lot of money but she is increasingly addicted to alcohol and drugs, until, at age 39, she decides to enter the Samam community, where she starts to recovery. The journey towards her freedom is long but “I was born stubborn,” she says.

Writing her memories – Nei miei okki. Storia di una donna nata bambino – has allowed her to make sense of her past and find redemption.