LUCIA Festival? See you in 2024

The festival is turning biennial

LUCIA bypasses a year and is back in 2024!

We had made the decision some time ago: organising LUCIA, and all its sisters – the Prize, YASS!, Bagni LUCIA… – is a commitment that absorbs a lot of energy and resources, while Radio Papesse also wants to be about production and research. We really like to be able to take more time to think better about what we do and how we do it.

In other words, LUCIA does not disappear, but comes back in a year even better!
We are already at work for 2024 and in the coming months, if not weeks, check us out because the call for the LUCIA PRIZE is coming out and we are delighted to launch the 2nd edition of our YASS! Mentorship Program… we can’t wait to tell you more!!!

If you’d like to submit new audio works, if you feel to suggest others, we’re always more than open and willing to listen to! The so called unsolicited entries are very welcome here!