Naar buiten

Naar buiten paints the portrait of 78-year-old Erik. This piece contemplates the past fifty years of his life, which he has spent in silence, married to a woman who refuses even to acknowledge his existence. As a former Jehovah’s Witness, Erik was excluded by the religious community his wife still belongs to. This religious divide within the couple has escalated into a situation that is both absurd and deeply painful. Naar buiten is an audio documentary about what happens when you are equally trapped in both yourself and the situation you find yourself in.  

Lieselot Mariën works and lives in Brussels. She studied philosophy and law at KU Leuven, and is presently working as a lawyer, podcaster, writer and dramaturge. Lieselot’s fiction podcast Roshi was nominated for the Dutch NTR Podcast Prize 2022 and won the audience award. Naar buiten is her first non-fiction audio piece. Currently, Lieselot is working on an audio documentary series on the complex psychological reality underlying undercover (police) life.