Malafemmina | Ep. 3 Fobie

Malafemmina is the story of a life-changing encounter between a French director and a trans artist, an unlikely friendship born and nurtured in the lively nights of East Rome. Chloé Barreau tells the story of Lilith Primavera, a contemporary diva who has crossed genders to find her own identity. She is a legendary creature and the night queen of Pigneto.

Transgender people are still often portrayed through stereotypes. On the contrary, beyond clichés, this podcast addresses the urgency of a change in imagery. Chloé retraces Lilith’s story, piece by piece, and also reflects on love, intolerance, compromises and expectations.

Chloé Barreau is a French filmmaker, non-conformist by birth. She is the daughter of a priest who renounced his vows for love, and grew up in a liberal family, playing football in the streets of Paris. But it was in Rome, at age 20, that she discovered what it means to really belong to a city. She loves everything about the capital, especially the people who live there. She is author and director of documentaries, and has worked for international networks (National Geographic, Fox, History Channel, Europe1, Rai3…) for 15 years.

Her 2010 debut film, Stardust Memories – Souvenir of the Trasteverine Night, is the portrait of a turn-of-the-century generation of Rome, set in a historic Trastevere nightclub. In 2020, the podcast of the same name was adapted from the film for Radio Rai 3. In 2012, she won the Jury’s special mention at the Biografilm Festival with the documentary La colpa di Mio Padre (My Father’s Blame).

Lilith Primavera is a multifaceted artist: a singer, performer, actress, entertainer, model and soubrette… At eighteen, her real life began: she is not male like the documents say, Lilith is a female, indeed, a true feminist. She takes her name from Adam’s first wife, before Eve, a symbol of emancipation.