Les villages des fous

Le village des fous is a fictionalized documentary about a village affected by an inexplicable plague of madness. It is based on true events that occurred in Pont-Saint-Esprit, France in 1951. “Our son Charles woke up last night bathed in sweat. He saw crazy shapes on the walls and carpets. To reassure him, his father and I had to remove all the furniture from his room. This morning he asked me what the devil looks like. I am extremely worried about his state of mind. I fear that his holy communion will be compromised.” A few days later, out of nowhere, the same boy grabs his mother by the throat. In the meantime, the doctor’s waiting room is packed and Pont-Saint-Esprit goes into a sort of sleepless state. When many of the inhabitants start hallucinating, the town descends into complete chaos.

Everybody wonders: what is going on here? Who or what on earth could be responsible for this?