SANTINI. A hand when you need it

GATHERINGS We have never liked speed dates much, elevator pitches make us anxious, the industry in Lucia comes to listen and often stays incognito. But this year we have an event dedicated only to podcasting professionals because independent producers often has to face difficult and lonely choices. Thus SANTINI: if you don’t know how to […]

Malafemmina | Ep. 3 Fobie

LISTENING In the presence of the author and Lilith Primavera. Malafemmina is the story of a life-changing encounter between a French director and a trans artist, an unlikely friendship born and nurtured in the lively nights of East Rome. Chloé Barreau tells the story of Lilith Primavera, a contemporary diva who has crossed genders to […]

Loss, Rain and Listening as an act of intimacy

MASTERCLASS A central aspect of audio making is listening. For Nanna Hauge Kristensen, listening entails a bodily attentiveness – an attunement to the Other, it creates a space where openness and exchanges can unfold. Her audio pieces often revolve around loss and beginnings, and her work moves across anthropology, documentarism and art. In her sonic […]

Listening Kids

SEMINAR With talks by Gianfranco Bandini (UNIFI), Radioimmaginaria, Tjeerd van den Elsen (Radiorakkers), Sébastien Schimtz and Florent Barat (Le Collectif WOW!), Ana Gonzalez (Terrestrials – Radiolab) and a masterclass by Sara de Monchy Lucia Festival will open with a seminar dedicated to audio storytelling for children. Bambini all’ascolto / Listening Kids welcomes researchers, podcasters and […]