When we opened the call for YASS! 2024 mentorship program we never imagined that we would have received 144 applications. And yet… It wasn’t easy, every selection is the result of brutal choices and compromises, moreover when you get to the bottom and you only have beautiful projects, urgent narratives to share, more than established and brilliant producers.

So, thanks to Yasmina Hamlawy and Cristal Duhaime for reading and listening with us.
We are happy to announce that Anne Jeppesen (Denmark) & Katie Revell (Scotland) are the selected audio makers and mentees of YASS! 2024.

Anne Jeppesen is an an audio producer and sound artist based in Copenhagen, Denmark.
She’s been working in radio since 2008 and has produced audio documentaries and shows for national broadcasts in Denmark – such as Min energi er et andet sted [My energy is elsewhere] for Politiken and Love at play for DR that was nominated for best sound design at Podcastprisen in Copenhagen 2022 – and audioguides for several museums and institutions: Magtens Mure [Castle of power] for the Danish Parliament, Litterær Lindring [Literary Relief] for the Copenhagen Library. She is currently working with producer Rikke Houd on a documentary series about a state boarding school for blind children at Dansk Blindesamfund. A Vocal Landascape, an XR experience produced with film maker Omid Zarei, was premieres In Venice at Biennale Cinema in 2023.

Katie Revell is an audio producer living in Glasgow, Scotland. For as long as she can remember, she has enjoyed crafting
stories: in writing, drawing, painting and photography. Having initially pursued a career in documentary film, several years ago she fell in love with audio as a medium in its own right. For the last two-and-a-half years she have been on stories related to sustainable food production, the climate crisis, land justice, and British colonial history. Her work has been presented on BBC Radio 4 Short Cuts and at Radiophrenia.