Premio LUCIA

The Recovery Plan @ SRISA

5.30 pm

year: 2021

language: italian

Since 2006, Radio Papesse has promoted and  supported experimental audio production, inviting artists and producers  to challenge the rules of the radio medium. We continue to do so by  joining forces with the Italian Diary Archive and inviting producers,  podcasters and authors to surprise us with new audio narrations.

Stories must be heard: Saverio Tutino, the founder of the Diary Archive,  always said that stories must be heard. So let’s start from the stories  of Pieve Santo Stefano, which, since 1984, has assembled a unique  historical and cultural heritage, made up of over 9000 diaries.  Unpublished private stories, involuntary literature, writings of  ordinary people reflecting on common lives and the history of Italy in  various forms.

The LUCIA Award originates from a twofold conviction: that audio  narrative is the best choice to restore the complexity and private  nature of these small big stories; and that there is a community of  talented producers and artists in Italy whose voice we want to hear more  often and louder, on the radio and elsewhere.


in collaboration with Archivio Diaristico Nazionale di Pieve Santo Stefano

with Tiziano Bonini, Natalia Cangi, Ilaria Gadenz, Carola Haupt, Marco Stefanelli, Sara Poma