Iolanda mi nant de nòmini
Iolanda, they call me by my name


The Stellar

10.00 pm

year: 2021

length: 30'

language: sardininan, italian

subtitles: italian, english

Orlanda Sassu, a Sardinian poet and ecologist (1924-2015), carried on a  lifelong practice of audio recording to archive the memory of her  country and language that she feared to lose. 

Her voice transcends time  barriers and accompanies us to the pivotal places of her existence: the  river, the village, the sea, the hut she built around a centuries-old  juniper tree on the sand dunes at Pistis, together with her companion  Efisio, himself a poet.

Iolanda, thus known to the community, has entrusted the magnetic tapes  she used to record on, with the power to make her travel through time,  to the future, coming down to us as a living, present voice.

Iolanda mi nant de nòmini
Iolanda, they call me by my name

This work has been produced with the support of LUCIA’s YASS! You Are So Sound Mentorship program.
STUDIOLANDA has worked with radio producer Rikke Houd.

Multidisciplinary duo STUDIOLANDA is based in Sardinia: Giorgia Cadeddu and Vittoria Soddu focus their projects on re-use practices with a specific interest in audiovisual, graphic and textual archives. 

Coming from design and the visual arts, Giorgia and Vittoria bring different technical skills into play: they imagine narrative forms that exceed the rigidity of recognisable categories, combining apparently distant practices of drawing, translation, self-construction and listening.