Het bos heeft ons niet nodig
The forest does not need us

Joyce de Badts, Tom Loois

Botanical garden 'Giardino dei Semplici'

2.15 pm
3.00 pm [encore]

year: 2021

length: 38'

language: dutch

subtitles: italian, english

Forests are the easiest, cheapest and most efficient way to sequester carbon and thus combat global warming.  

However, time is running out, and forests grow exasperatingly slowly. 

How do we relate to a solution that most of us who hear this in 2021 can be part of, but will not see the result? 

Perhaps we should practice a better sense of time? 

In Het bos heeft ons niet nodig, documentary maker Joyce de Badts and designer Tom Loois tell stories about our relationship with the forest, and gently force us to look at ourselves in the light of eternity.

Het bos heeft ons niet nodig
The forest does not need us

This work is presented in collaboration with Oorzaken Festival, Amsterdam, thanks to the support of the Ambasciata del Regno dei Paesi Bassi in Italia.

Joyce de Badts has been making radio since 2016. Before that, she worked as a freelance editor for the written media, and she now teaches Dutch to non-native newcomers. Her first piece was an entry for the Kort Golf competition at the Oorzaken Festival, with which she made the shortlist. Since then, she has made pieces for DOCS and for the podcast Plantrekkers.

Tom Loois works with experience-based projects, from podcasts to exhibitions, to investigate how art and design can offer tools for a collective lifestyle change, in which there is more room for wonder, connection and reflection. Previously, he was co-organizer of the exhibitions The Object is Absent and The Embassy of Intimacy, as well as the podcasts Ansicht and Luisterruit. Currently, he is a freelance curator at Stadslab RAUM.