Guided tour to the Botanical Garden

discovering the 'Giardino dei Semplici'

Botanical garden 'Giardino dei Semplici'

2.00 pm [first tour]
3.00 pm [second tour]

length: 50'

language: italian

The botanical garden "Giardino dei Semplici", created by the Medici as a garden of medicinal plants (i Semplici) in 1545, is one of the oldest gardens in the world. Between the 16th and 17th centuries it enjoyed a period of great splendour. It covers an area of more than two hectares, indoors and outdoors.

In addition to numerous plants, including food plants, medicinal and poisonous plants, carnivorous plants, exotic palms and cycads, water plants, a Zen garden and citrus trees, there are more than 200 trees in the Garden, including five monumental trees, including the Badger planted in 1720 - the oldest specimen in the Garden - and the Cork tree from 1805.

Further information: Botanical Garden "Giardino dei Semplici" (Garden of Simples)

Guided tour to the Botanical Garden

Special guided tours for the LUCIA listeners.

If you book the guided tour with LUCIA, you are entitled to free access to the Botanical Garden, including the Cold Greenhouses, where three short works - two audio and one video - are presented in sequence from 1.30 to 3.30 p.m.

The difference between a bird and a plane by Laura Malacart; A walk through my Cũcũ's farm by Nyokabi Kariũki; Drip Drop by Simina Oprescu.

Het bos heeft ons niet nodig by Joyce De Badts and Tom Loois will be presented in two rounds that can be combined with the visit - at 2.15 pm and 3.00 pm - at the Ostensio, must be booked separately through the relevant event.

Each visit costs €5 to be paid directly to the operators of the University Museum System in cash or by POS. Booking is mandatory. 

In case of bad weather the visit will take place anyway with the necessary changes. 

Please note that access to the Festival venues is only permitted with a Green Pass and mask.

Routes for people with disabilities 

A route for the blind and visually impaired runs in the open air. There is also a minicar, a small electric car available for people with motor or visual disabilities and the elderly. 

To request the minicar service, please write to by Tuesday 7 December at 6 p.m.