Lucia Award Winners

Perla Sardella, I Franchi and a special mention goes to Camilla Maino & Silvia Baldetti.

Last Sunday December 11th, we announced the winners of the 3rd edition of the LUCIA Award.

The choice – which we shared with Natalia Cangi (Archivio dei diari), Tiziano Bonini (University of Siena), Maddalena Fossombroni (Todo Modo Bookshop) and Carolina Valencia Caicedo (independent producer) – was not an easy one…
However, we are very happy to announce that:

Perla Sardella is awarded the 1st prize (€ 2500,00)

“The jury appreciated the simplicity, honesty and clarity of Perla Sardella’s idea. Among the many projects around Tania Ferrucci‘s diary, hers is the one that, in the jury’s opinion, conveys with greater sensitivity and respect, the multiplicity of Tania’s biography, without reducing it to a stereotype”. 

I FRANCHI collective is awarded the 2nd prize (€ 1000,00)

“For the novelty of the proposal’s use of sound and the three narrative levels, which may represent an opportunity to experiment, while respecting the Seydi Rodriguez Gutierrez story”.

A special mention goes to Camilla Maino and Silvia Baldetti.

“For the ambitious and complex proposal of updating Giuseppe Salvemini‘s diary as if it were an Instagram profile feed”.

And thanks to everyone who submitted their projects and to the other seven finalists: Chiara D’Ambros, Roberta D’Angelo + Ivana Marrone + Paola Moretti, Collettivo Metadiapason, Doremind, Riccardo Martorana, Michele Orvieti + Radio Alta Frequenza and Maria Pecchioli.

We hope to see and hear from you all, again soon!