Thierno Sadou Sow

La forza dei sogni

Thierno Sadou Sow was born in 2004, in Guinea. At the age of ten, when his father died, he took an abrupt, unthinkable decision: to leave his village, his mother, without looking back, without a warning. The journey is long, he learns Arabic and English, he stops in Conakry and Bamakò, he crosses the Nigerian Sahara to Agadez and arrives in Algeria, then Libya and finally on the shores of the Mediterranean. The destination is Europe. In 2016, at the age of 13, he sets sail with other fellows: the crossing is dramatic, a ship flying the Norwegian flag pulls them to safety and brings them to Palermo. Sow is taken into a Sicilian shelter and can finally call his mother: he has not heard from her for almost three years. He now lives in the province of Salerno, where he attends high school. The diary he has written, the dearest diary and trustworthy friend, talks about his journey but also about school, the people he meets in Italy, Christmas plays, teenage crushes and friendship.

La forza dei sogni was published in Se il mare finisce, an anthology of the finalist stories of the 2018 DiMMi competition.