De plantage van onze voorouders

In the 8-part podcast The Plantation Of Our Ancestors, Maartje Duin delves into traces of slavery in her family tree. She discovers that an ancestor of hers used to own part of the sugar plantation Tout Lui Faut in Suriname, then a colony of the Netherlands. Soon she meets Peggy Bouva, one of the descendants […]

Vagues de Chaleur

Phalena, a creature from the future and member of an underground society, discovers a sound documentary from 2020. She is surprised to hear women talking about menopause, pregnancy, love, ecofeminism, climate change… Inspired by these women, she decides to record a message for the surface. “If you exist, you will hear me through the slit, […]

A walk through my cũcũ’s farm

Being able to visit her Cũcũ – grandmother in Kikuyu – in her home in Githũnguri, Kenya, for Christmas, felt especially meaningful last 2020, given the pandemic’s toll on the world, and its spotlight on the vulnerability of our grandparents. Together with her family, Nyokabi Kariũki walked around the farm — just as they always […]

Diario di una fenice irrequieta

This work was made possible thanks to the Lucia Prize, a collaboration between Radio Papesse, Lucia Festival and the Fondazione Archivio Diaristico Nazionale di Pieve Santo Stefano. Diario di una fenice irrequieta[Diary of a restless phoenix] is an audio appendix to the diary Inchiostro, storia di un’adolescente oltre l’anoressia that Caterina Minni wrote when she […]

Il était un père

A father drives his daughter to the station. They pass a car pulling a trailer, which reminds the daughter of childhood vacations spent with her father, mother and… godfather. Memories resurface. The man everyone called Godfather, who has since died… Who was he really? Why did he take up so much space in the family? […]

Iolanda mi nanta de nomini | Iolanda, they call me by my name

This work has been produced with the support of Lucia’s YASS! Mentorship program.Studiolanda has worked with radio producer Rikke Houd. Orlanda Sassu, a Sardinian poet and ecologist (1924-2015), carried on a lifelong practice of audio recording to archive the memory of her country and language that she feared to lose. Her voice transcends time barriers […]

Meteor Bodies

This work has been produced with the support of Lucia’s YASS! Mentorship program.Kate Donovan has worked with audio maker Katharina Smets. In 1954, a woman was woken from her nap on the couch by a meteorite crashing through the ceiling of her home, bouncing off the radio and eventually hitting her body. The re-telling of […]